Fixed Layout for Textbooks

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Fixed Layout Textbooks for the iBookstore

This is the latest solution devised by Apple for illustrated book publishers to move their publications onto the iBookstore. Unlike traditional ePub 2.0.1, it retains the formatting of the original publication regardless of size or orientation.

Text book publishers are also able to add multimedia content in to the fixed layout books. You can add in audio and video files to make the content more engaging and interactive for your users, leading to a loyal readership for future content.

360° Cloud Publications  is one of the most experienced conversion houses in the Caribbean when it comes to complex illustrated ePub. We have an extremely detailed in-house process of proofing against the original files, which is particularly important for high-quality illustrated or image- rich content.

We have a straightforward process to get started:

  1. 1.Sign your order confirmation
  2. 2.360° Cloud Publications coverts your files via our upload link
  3. 3.360°converts these for you
  4. 4.They are passed through 2 stages of proofing (if required)
  5. 5.The final completed files are delivered to the customer or submitted on your behalf